Course descriptions

The foremost aim on our courses is to learn to enjoy being outdoors, spend time in good company and maybe once in a while to step outside our comfort zones. We believe that when the aforementioned targets are met, then the skills and knowledge we teach will stick with you more easily.
The safety and well-being of our participants is of utmost importance to us which is why the maximum group size on our courses is limited to 10 people and there are always to of us guiding the group (who we are). We’ve also found that we complete each other’s knowledge and we always have a great time outdoors, which we believe will transfer to our participants as well!
We always keep a Yellowbrick satellite beacon with us as well, to enable contacting  emergency services even outside of cell phone reception.The locations for the courses vary, but we’ve planned the routes so that they always serve the  needs of the course in question. We strive to always organise transportation from a certain meeting point to the site of the actual trip. These meeting points are always easily accessible by public transportation. Or you can obviously drive straight to the site where the trip starts as well. To honor the peaceful nature experience of our own group and other campers as well, we try to always choose slightly more remote camping sites. We follow the guidelines of Parks and Wildlife Finland and naturally we do everything in our power to impact the environment as little as possible.
The foundations course requires no previous experience of camping and no equipment either. The course deals with the basics of camping and its aim is to offer the required skills and level of knowledge to start doing you own weekend-long hikes or similar trips. We teach you the basics of cooking and sleeping outdoors as well as the foundations of hiking and navigating and you will have the chance to practise all of those skills. More info on this course can be found HERE
This course aims to provide the participants with the skills to plan and  safely carry out a trip of 5 to 7 days. We hope that you have some previous experience in camping or that you’ve already taken the FOUNDATIONS OF OUTDOOR SKILLS COURSE. The key themes on this course are route planning, navigating, planning and preparing your own food and getting to know your own gear. More info HERE
KONKARICOURSEThis course deals with the basics of survival skills and dives into the challenges presented when doing solo-hikes. We will be navigating through the darkened wilderness and hopefully we’ll get completely soaked at least once. This course is about facing challenges and finding our own limits, both physical and mental. After completing this course you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to carry out a 7 to 14-day trip in the wilderness.