Our philosophy

People are getting more and more estranged from nature and we fear that it’s not healthy. Life is busier and more stressful while moments of free-time are fewer and further between. Unfortunately this is the everyday-life that many of us lead these days. Living in the moment gets lost while we’re worrying about the next meeting or deadline.

To us,  nature is above all about breathing, relaxing and being present. Something that’s extremely difficult to accomplish in a bustling city. Just seeing a plant cheers you up and spending even a short time in a forest lowers your blood pressure.  We believe that nature has something to offer for all of us. Everyone experiences nature in their own way and there is no wrong way.

However it’s become too hard to just take up and go spend the day outdoors. It doesn’t help that there seems to exist a belief that spending time in the forest  requires expensive special gear and years of experience.

That is something that we want to change. We want to give people a nudge towards the outdoors. We want to give them confidence in themselves and their skills to enable them to go enjoy nature by themselves.

Whether your reason to start enjoying nature is to improve  your well-being or getting new experiences, we want to offer you everything you need to accomplish that. And it doesn’t require thousands of euros worth of gear or some complicated skills that you couldn’t learn in a weekend.  Whether you want to try spending a night outdoors or you’re preparing for a multi-week expedition, we have a course just for you.

We believe that whatever the question, the answer is nature.