What we do

For us the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors is to just take a day, a weekend or a week and go for a hike in the woods. However we do realise that everyone enjoys the nature in their own way. That is why we also offer, according to customer wishes:

Daytrips for groups or individuals (more info HERE)

Bachelor parties 

Workplace health promotion days for companies

A common factor for all our events is the presence of nature and the enjoyment it has to offer. We  can organise events either as ready-made turnkey packages  or plan everything according to your every wish. Just let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen.

Not extreme enough?

We can also come and guide your group through your hike in Lapland. Or maybe you need a divemaster to accompany you in Indonesia? We can also organise 4×4 offroad safaris to Russia or bouldering trips to Åland. Over the years our circle of friends has grown to include all kinds of adventurers. We have the professional contacts to organise teaching in any outdoor sport, be it kickbiking, ultra running, canoeing, rock-climbing, kite surfing, spear fishing, scuba diving, traditional viking sailing or trail running.

The more challenging the project, the more we’ll enjoy making it happen. You name it, we’ll do it!

If you have a vision, we’ll do everything in our power to make it happen

Lauri’s Defender in action in Russia