Foundations of outdoor skills

Sat-Sun (240 euros)

“Can I go hiking in sneakers?”

“Should I pay 1000 euros for a tent, when I can get a decent-looking one for just 100  euros?”

“What’s the difference between cotton, wool and polyester?”

“Is it safe to cook with a gas stove?”

“Is it warmer to sleep naked in my sleeping bag as opposed to having my clothes on?” (NO!)

If you’re pondering questions like these then the FOUNDATIONS OF OUTDOOR SKILLS – course is for you. You don’t need any previous knowledge or skills and pretty much no gear either. This course takes two days and they usually start on Saturday morning and end on Sunday afternoon. During the course we’ll do a short walk along trails and stay the night in tents or under tarps.

The foundations-course starts with the very basics of outdoor skills and its aim is to offer you the required skills and knowledge to conduct a three-day hike or camping trip.  During the course you’ll get to practice all the basic skills like outdoor cooking, hiking, navigating and putting up tents etc. The evening is spent cooking and chatting at a camp fire. We’ll provide you with all the camping gear and food for the entire course. All you need to bring with you are your own clothes and shoes (even converses and jeans are ok!).

Lauri cooking in Russia

One of the most important goals of this course is to give the participants plenty of information on camping gear. Over the years we’ve gone through hundreds of products and we know what works, in what conditions and for whom. We hope that after this course you won’t need to spend thousands of euros and hoard your closets full of unnecessary gear (like we may have done sometime…). Instead you will know exactly what you need to be comfortable on your future trips.

You will get an information package by email closer to the the course.

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On this form you can sign up for a course. Registration is binding and we will book you a spot on the course. You will receive further information and payment instructions by email in a couple of days. Cancellation is free until 14 days before the course, after which we will charge 50% of the total course price in case of cancellation. If you get sick, we will return the whole amount as long as you present a medical certificate.