Who we are


Our friendship started way back in pre-school and we’ve been friends ever since. After finishing school we went on different paths but stayed friends all the same. One of us went hiking in South America and the other started working for the Finnish Defence Force. Despite our different backgrounds we share the same values, a can-do -attitude and an unfaltering trust in each other.

We’ve both traveled the world and spent time hiking in lots of different places but finally we both realised that the Finnish nature is truly unique. Because of that realisation we decided to start a company that aims to offer everyone a chance to enjoy the amazing things that the Finnish nature has to offer.

RASMUS (the hippie one)

Rasmus got the spark for outdoor living while he was six years old and paddling down the rivers in eastern Finland with his dad. Later that spark grew into a true thirst for adventure and it took him all the way to Patagonia for solo expeditions, sailing a viking ship on the coast of northern Norway, taking a mountain lion for a walk in the Amazon jungle, skiing expeditions in the dark winter-Lapland and as a divemaster in Honduras.

Finally he came to his senses (or lost the last shred of it) and bought an old house in Kirkkonummi because it was perfectly in need of repair. The last year has hence gone by fixing up the place, giving people tips on hiking in the outdoor store Partioaitta or in lecture halls learning about the inner workings of crucian carps. His free-time Rasmus spends wading through the swamps in Meiko with his dogs, spotting new rocks to climb on.

This future marine biologist never stops admiring the greennes and granite boulders that Finland is full of. Rasmus’ biggest asset is his vast knowledge of outdoor gear and the experience on managing the mental challenges of hiking. His biggest delight is sharing accomplishments with other people.

Rasmus (on the left) with a trout

LAURI (the solid one)

Just as with Rasmus, Lauri’s interest in hiking also traces back to his childhood. Of his childhood summers he best remembers the camping trips around Finland with his dad. During those trips he learnt the basics of camping skills but his iron  expertise he has acquired working for the Finnish Defence Force training Special Forces. In addition to that, he’s gained perspective in the Finnish outdoor scene by studying outdoor education in Victoria University in Australia. At the moment Lauri studies sports coaching and teaching in Jyväskylä University. His biggest strengths are his cold-blooded calmness ant the strong routine in organising expeditions.

Hiking trips and nature experiences are extremely important for him and they’ve taken him all the way from freezing trips in northern Lapland to sweltering hot expeditions in the Australian wilderness. Lauri’s hobbies also include off-road safaris in Russia.  To counterbalance the car- and people-filled safaris, Lauri also enjoys the peace and quiet that’s possible to find after a week of walking further and further into the wilderness without seeing another human being. Those are the moments of tranquility that he wants to enable people to enjoy.

Lauri in the red Australian dawn