In addition to the training we offer on our courses, we also organise proper hikes. While the courses usually take place in southern Finland, the hikes are often organised in Lapland and sometimes take us across the borders to Sweden and Norway as well.

Our hikes are planned so that the routes usually take us to more quiet and less traveled places. Our aim often is to escape the hectic life by getting deep into the wilderness and enjoy the peaceful nature there.  There are different kinds of hikes but in general, they are more demanding than the courses we offer. We usually recommend that you at least attend the foundations of outdoor skills -course before joining us on our hikes. You can even replace the konkari candidate course by attending one of our hikes, we’ll teach you all the things during the hike.  If you already know the basics, you can of course join us on a hike right away!

Signing up on hikes is really flexible and you can for example choose:

  • Whether you want us to organise transport or if you’ll meet us at the starting point
  • Do you want to get your own food or if you want us to prepare them for you?
  • Do you need rental gears from us or do you already have everything you’ll need?