Konkari candidate course

Fri-Sun (280 euros)

“Can I expect to walk 30 kilometre -days in mountainous areas?”

“Is a 20kg backpack too heavy for a week’s hike?”

“Gore-tex jacket or a rain cape?”

“Could I make it with just a tarp instead of a tent?

“Can I dehydrate my own outdoor meals?”

If you’re pondering questions like these, then the KONKARI CANDIDATE COURSE is perfect for you.

After the Foundations of outdoor skills -course you’ve maybe gone camping once or twice and bought some basic gear and this course is the perfect next step. The foundations-course builds a solid base for this course, but if you already master the basics then you can start with this course straight away.

This course aims to offer the participants the skills and knowledge required to safely plan and conduct a 5-7 -day hike. Central themes on this course are route planning, navigating, outdoor meal planning and preparation and learning to use your own gear.


Blazed trout cooking at the camp fire

During the foundations-course we focused on acquiring proper gear for your needs. Now the aim is that you’ve purchased most of the basic gear and we’ll get to know how they work.  We can also hire gear for you so you can still try out different things before making any final decisions.

The candidate course is also a perfect opportunity to try out different things in a safe environment. Have you considered switching your heavy hiking boots to trail running shoes? Or are you fascinated by sleeping in a hammock instead of a tent? Could you maybe make do with a lighter sleeping bag? Welcome on this course to try it out!

When the hikes get longer, things like navigation, meal preparation and taking care of your gear and yourself become more important. On this course we’ll provide you with lots of practice on those skills both during the day and in the dark. On the candidate course we’ll also focus on the mental aspect of longer hikes and the possible challenges that might occur (we believe that there are no problems, only challenges waiting to be conquered). We’ll also delve deeper into the knowledge of different gear and consider the effect that weather has on various materials.

The candidate courses last three days and usually start on Friday evenings, ending on Sunday afternoons. There will be more walking than on the Foundations of outdoor skills – course and we’ll spend two nights outdoors, either in tents or under tarps.

You will get an information package by email closer to the course.

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On this form you can sign up for a course. Registration is binding and we will book you a spot on the course. You will receive further information and payment instructions by email in a couple of days. Cancellation is free until 14 days before the course, after which we will charge 50% of the total course price in case of cancellation. If you get sick, we will return the whole amount as long as you present a medical certificate.